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  • Floor joists in timber frame and masonry construction
  • Roof rafters in timber frame and masonry construction
  • Wall studs in timber frame construction

Product Advantages:

  • Reduction of cold bridging through the structure
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Lightweight
  • High load-bearing capacity
  • Fast and easy site installation
  • Easily cut with standard tools
  • Full range of associated hangers available
  • An element of the full STEICO construction range
  • ETA – Independantly certified to European standards by the BBA
  • CE marked
  • FSC certified

I Joists are structurally engineered joists, made from high-grade softwood flanges bonded together with an engineered composite panel. Using advanced technology, they are combined to produce an engineered solution as an alternative to conventional solid timber joists. They are produced on a purpose-built production line here in the UK, manufacturing I joists to UK preferred dimensions.

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